Physiotherapy at Home

We are the physiotherapy clinic that comes to your home

When pain strikes you down, you need easy access to hands on physiotherapy to ease the discomfort, restore movement and help you return to your usual activities. But what if getting to a clinic is too hard? Perhaps you’re unable to travel or you’re in too much pain to move.

Home Visit Physiotherapy

New Age Physiotherapy Mobile Clinic is the solution: we come to your home for a thorough assessment of your condition, determine what is causing the pain and use our on-board facilities to conduct the same tests we would ordinarily perform in our clinic. Then we get to work to free you of the pain that is causing your discomfort.

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mobile physio

Fast, convenient, effective home physio treatment

Our spacious mobile clinic comes to you with all of the tools needed to treat your complaint. Unlike other mobile physiotherapists, we arrive in a van that is fully equipped with an electric treatment bed and the latest medical devices typically found in our traditional facility so your care and treatment is not diminished.

Our patients benefit from the one-on-one attention of our fully trained and experienced physiotherapist and equipment including an ultrasound, electrotherapy machine and Shockwave Therapy.

Some of the common injuries we treat in your own space include:

  • Neck pain
  • Muscle aches
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Sports injuries
  • Work injuries
  • Upper and lower back pain

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Don’t let pain control your life! Experience physiotherapy at home with New Age Physiotherapy Mobile Clinic.

home visit physiotherapy

Who we help

For some conditions, treatment is better offered in the convenience of your own environment. No matter where you are, we aim to get to you as quickly as we can to end your pain and discomfort.

We offer physio treatment to people:

  • at home
  • at your workplace
  • in aged care facilities
  • on the sporting field
mobile physio

About our physio at home mobile clinic

Our Mercedes Sprinter van is powered by commercial solar panels mounted on the vehicle’s roof, providing 660 watts of solar power. And the commercial inverter generates all the power needed to run our specialist medical equipment all day.

The van is air conditioned and private so you can receive treatment in luxury and style and there is enough room inside that you can stand up straight and comfortably.

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