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Being one of Sydney’s first mobile clinics, we take immense pride in offering a wide range of services where we tend to hold considerable expertise at. Our dedicated teams bring their rich experience to the table and cater to wellness needs.

Our sought-after services are aimed at providing relief to your long-held pain. These include:

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Physiotherapy Services

Amongst all the other aspects associated with physical healing, physiotherapy tends to stand out. With an effective recovery rate, it helps you deal with the pain in a much easier way. We at New Age Mobile Physio assist you in getting the correct diagnosis and the best-in-class treatment for all your aches and ailments.

Whether it is your sports injury, a workplace injury or a car accident— New Age Mobile Physio guides you to identify the exact spot of the injury and determine the nature of pain. Once the cause is well-known, it is easier to treat it and make it better.

Along with the professional medical help we provide, it is also vital for you to keep up with certain home exercises that can fasten the process of healing. Our trained physiotherapists help you understand the injury better and explain the entire course of your treatment.

We provide our expert physiotherapists with the latest techniques to improve their skills and knowledge efficiently. So you can rest assured of your medical treatments since the Mobile Physio team treats your injuries with up-to-date methods.

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All Sports Physiotherapy

Being an athlete has now become more than just a sport. Whether you are a soccer player, bodybuilder or even an MMA fighter— injuries tend to happen.

If you are searching for some expert sports physiotherapists, we have got you covered.

The New Age Mobile Physio is all set to serve you with the latest mobile technology to heal your sports injuries with ease. By opting for our best-in-class digital route, we stand by to treat all your sports injuries with the most efficient techniques and skills.

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MMA Physiotherapy

MMA physiotherapy demands expert and professional physiotherapists who uphold significant experience in this field. These physios have great knowledge in injury recoveries along with the natural healing processes. We have worked with Professional MMA fighters from One Championship and Brace.

We, at New Age Mobile Physio, understand your needs and the degree of intensity MMA fighters put in their training. When it comes to MMA physiotherapy, our trained physios are your ultimate solution. We serve you with the best of our capabilities and provide you with expert sports and MMA injury treatments.

We remain completely prepared to support you during all the fights you tend to pursue. Ranging from MMA fight preparation to after fight injuries, we strive to support you throughout the journey. With the help of our expert knowledge and latest equipment, the New Age Mobile Physio treats all your sports injuries efficiently yet conveniently.

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Back Physiotherapy Sydney

If you are looking for some trained and experienced back physiotherapists specialists in Sydney, you have landed on the right spot. The New Age Mobile Physio caters to all your sports-related injuries especially your back physiotherapies.

We are recognised as one of the best physiotherapy specialists in Sydney since our techniques remain up-to-date with the latest upcoming technologies. Our services tend to satisfy you completely while we treat all your back and sport-related injuries and provide you with healing physiotherapies.

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Acupuncture and Dry Needling

Acupuncture techniques are widely known to treat all painful muscle aches, joint pressures or even minor injuries. Are you looking for expert acupuncture services in Sydney?

No need to worry, New Age Mobile Physio has got you covered. We treat all your medical injuries with the latest acupuncture techniques. Acupuncture and dry needling techniques are known to be the most effective ways to treat your medical injuries.

With us, you get to experience not just painless treatments but even satisfactory results.

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Active Muscles Release Technique

Nerve entrapment, restricted motion or limited flexibility of your body— all are well catered by our best-in-class Active Muscle Release Techniques (ART). With New Age Mobile Physio’s advanced technologies, you avail the most effective solution to your soft tissue injuries with ease!

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Disc Bulges / Disc Herniation Physiotherapy

Disc bulges tend to be immensely painful due to its origin in the spine. It is usually found to occur in the cervical (neck), thoracic (mid-back) or lumbar (lower back) which have specific treatments for them.

With the help of Disc Herniation Physiotherapy, we ensure your healthy movement and strive to significantly subsidise your pain.

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Exercise Therapy

Exercise therapy is a sought-after treatment amongst the aged. It is highly beneficial to keep up with the declining physical strength and maintain the core of your body.

Various body and joint pains come coupled with growing age. Opting for efficient exercise therapy helps in keeping your body in place while boosting organ functionality.

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Functional Movement Screening (FMS)

The Functional Movement Screening is effective in highlighting any type of movement dysfunction. Certified with the FMS level 1 and 2 qualifications, our experienced physiotherapists at New Age Mobile Physio access functional testing screens to dig deeper into your pain points.

We deploy the latest rehabilitation exercises to help you improve the discomfort and walk towards the path of healing.

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Low-Level Laser Therapy

Are you hunting for a top-class, credited cold laser therapy specialist in Sydney? Park your worries because we are here to help. Keeping pace with the constantly advancing treatment solutions, New Age Mobile Physio serves you with mobile low-level laser therapy treatments where you can get going with your healing process from the comfort of your home.

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Fracture Clinic

Unexpected accidents can often leave you in a great deal of pain and that is exactly where we step in to serve you with our best-in-class mobile fracture assessment. With experienced doctors and GP’s, we are here to identify and treat your injury depending on the origin of the hurt.

Our professionals are trained to address arm fractures, wrist fractures, hand fractures, finger fractures and leg fractures. Whether it is an accident or a severe fall, we have you covered at all times!

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Hydrotherapy Services

A fact not known to many— water can be an effective way to treat various diseases. While the technique has been in use for hundreds of years, not all physiotherapy clinics have been able to offer it with considerable success.

We at New Age Mobile Physio hold significant expertise in Hydrotherapy and strive to treat our patients with the technique to help them improve their body aches and joint pains. Know more about how our Hydrotherapy services can help you!

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Massage Therapy

Messages have been a go-to option for many people suffering from stress and tension. Taking the burden off your shoulders, our high-end massage therapy is effective in treating patients with chronic pain along with assisting athletes to recover from their sporting injuries.

New Age Mobile Physio massage treatments provide long-term relief from muscular tension around your neck, back, and shoulders while bringing down your fatigue. So if you feel clogged with work or find yourself unable to focus on your tasks, our mobile services are right here to get you going!

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Orthotics are effective devices to help you rectify the abnormal motions of your foot and keep your joints pain at bay. It is worn inside your shoes in order to control the dysfunctional foot symptoms while assisting you to walk in a convenient and easy manner.

So you no longer have to worry about your foot pains with New Age Mobile Physio being right at your service!

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While improving your overall body mechanics, Pilates is an efficient technique to help you achieve a stable lower-back and pelvis region. It helps in establishing controlled body efficiency while conditioning your body for having a balanced movement. Our trained professionals at New Age Mobile Physio are here to help you with your pilates journey from the start till the end!

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Spinal Decompression Therapy

Also known as Mechanical Traction, Spinal Decomposition Therapy is well known to be one of the non-invasive traction therapy. It provides a linear force on the body to curate a negative pressure while facilitating the realignment of the disc.

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Post Operative Physiotherapy

New Age Mobile Physio efficiently assists you in all your post-operative physiotherapy care. We are closely linked with some of the best Sydney Orthopaedic Surgeons and offer you the latest post-operative physiotherapy protocols.

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Radial Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

Radial Extracorporeal Shockwave Treatment has proved to reduce your pain by 72.1%. It significantly improves your pain and contributes to enhancing the quality of your life. Reach out to us and know more about this top-notch therapy!

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